It is important that we vary the type of content of our blog. Your visits will be much more interesting. I will comment on some of the most common. If you want to add one more, you can do it as a comment.

blog content typesListings or check list. We are talking about compilation listings that, accompanied by “you did not know” type clips, capture the interest of your audience. An example: ” 50 social media tricks to improve your online marketing “. It is important to take into account the number of the list: 3, 5, 10, 25, 50 … “Round” numbers. Do not stay in 23 or 37.
How to or “How …” Are articles that provide a solution. The important thing is that we explain in detail and step by step how to do what we are promising. It is important from time to time to review this type of content, as it is very likely that with the passage of time things have changed. Also keep in mind that many times users use the formula “How …” to search for content. An example: How to make sweepstakes or promotions on the Facebook wall .
Collaborative articles . This type of article refers to those posts where different relevant authors contribute their point of view on a topic. This formula is interesting to let you know, because the collaborators will help you viralize it in social networks. And you, in return, provide them with a quality link to your site. An example: 8 social media experts explain how to generate engagement in social networks .
Tips or tricks It is not about explaining how to do something, but about telling a particularity of a videogame, a social or cooking network that your readers may not have known. They will help you position yourself as an expert on your topic.
Studies. A good recurring content analyze the analysis of trend studies or research about your area. Do not just copy and paste the press release that the source has released to the media. Read the study carefully and draw your own conclusions. Your readers await your critical vision.
Opinion articles. Why not give your opinion on some aspect of your topic? Some new or problematic of your sector can be the perfect excuse to write an opinion article and start an interesting conversation both in your blog and social networks.
Guest Posts . Guest articles are collaborations of other professional bloggers for your blog. It is a win-win strategy. You win a quality article, with which to offer content of interest to your community; and the author benefits from the visibility of your blog to be known. Many times this technique is used to generate linkbuiliding .
Series of posts. If a subject gives much of itself, instead of writing an article of 4,000 words, choose to create several serial posts: (I), (II) and (and III). This will generate interest and increase the time of visits to your blog, and this Google likes. But do not improvise, before writing the first one, prepare in the content agenda what you will talk about in the following ones, when they will be published, what keywords you will work …
Guides or manuals. The extended version of the “How …” Your extension should be larger and have to explain, in detail using images and graphics how to perform a task, for example, “how to plan step by step advertising campaign in Facebook Ads.”
Videos . If your thing is not to write, it’s more to talk to the camera, yours is the video-blog. Here the content is your embedded video from Youtube – never upload it directly -. However, it is convenient that you add the transcription of the video in the article itself to improve its positioning.