Being a blogger is not easy. It requires a lot of dedication and effort. Many are the blogs that are born every month, but very few that manage to survive at 6 months. If you are not willing to spend your Sunday afternoons sitting in front of the computer instead of drinking beers, you better not start. But if you are convinced that you want to be a professional blogger, congratulations! I assure you will not regret. If you take care of all the aspects of your blog, you will get as many visits as satisfactions. And if you do not believe it, start writing.

But before that, I want you to take into account some aspects before you start :

Time and desire. An article requires at least 4 hours of work. If you want to publish with a frequency of two articles a week, write accounts. It’s not just putting you to write. You have to find the sources, document, organize the idea, review what you have written, optimize it for SEO, disseminate it through different media, analyze the results …
The topic. What will the blog be about? If every day you are going to talk about a different topic, I doubt very much that you will achieve loyalty to an audience, unless the value is yourself, your point of view. Better focus on a topic and always write about it addressing it from different perspectives.
The hosting It is the virtual space where your blog will be hosted. My recommendation is that you always bet on a hosting hosted in Spain and that offers a good customer service. Personally I recommend Dinahosting or Raiola Network , but there are others equally recommendable. Of course, if you’re going to take this seriously, forget about 1and1 .
The Dominion. The domain is the gateway to your blog. My recommendation is that it be short, easy to remember, write and .es or .com. If it is a personal blog, choosing our name can be a good option. Although also, as in my case, if it is a thematic blog, you can opt for a naming related to the topic. Of the micasite type domains. better not even talk.
The configuration of the blog: Once the domain has been chosen and the hosting has been hired, it is a question of setting up the WordPress . Today most hosting platforms offer you the option to install WP automatically in three simple steps, without having to do it manually.
The responsive template . Bet on a simple design template and flat colors. If you do not know where to start, trust a web designer.
Google Analitycs. Although it’s hard to believe, I’ve often found a blog that does not have Google Analitycs. A blog can not be understood without knowing what happens in it. So, first of all, create a GA account and insert the code before the tag of your template.
The objective. What do you want to achieve with your blog? If it is getting rich overnight, I already commented before that this is not the way. If your goal is to create a personal brand, position yourself as an expert in a subject or boost the positioning of your website, go ahead, read on!