For thousands of users to be interested in your blog, the first step is to write articles. I’ve already explained how to do it before. And the second is to design strategies to attract quality visits, users who are really interested in your content, read it, share it, trust you, call you … Let’s see some of these strategies to generate quality traffic :

blogger trafficSEO positioning. Thoroughly optimizes each article as SEO. Yoast pluging will help you. Also, if you want, in the article “How to optimize an article for SEO” you can read how to get it to position quickly for the keywords that interest you. It is also interesting that from time to time you optimize and update old articles. It is a good formula to improve SEO and attract qualified traffic.
Facebook Ads. Every time I publish an article, I let it know my target audience – people interested in digital marketing – through Facebook Ads ads . In addition to generating quality visits, you will increase the number of fans and your personal brand.
Optimize old items When you started you did not know as much as you do now, hence the importance of spending the same time writing new articles as optimizing old articles. Check the extension, the headings, the goal, insert links to other articles, to the categories you want to boost …
List of subscribers. Subscribers are those users who visited your blog one day, were interested in your content and decided to leave your mail to receive your next articles. Create a subscription pop up using the SUMOME plugin and link it to the list of subscribers you have created in Mail Chimp. If you want to know more about this topic, I invite you to read the article by David Sotoro. He explains it very well.
Social networks. Share the articles in social networks: the blog fan page, discussion groups of your same theme, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and even Instagram. Try different headlines and images to see which one arouses more interest. A tool that will help you with this is BlogsterApp .
Personal Brand . Work your personal brand. Do networking, attend events, courses, seminars … tell the world that you have a blog!
LinkBuilding The links coming from sites of the same theme or of great authority, for example, a news portal of your country or a university, as well as helping you improve your SEO positioning, will generate recurrent traffic. Keep this in mind and prepare a LinkBuilding strategy .
Create valuable content Without a doubt, the most effective way to generate traffic. Internet is full of garbage. With the commitment of Google to reward content, the network has been filled with content that, if it did not exist, would gain space. And users know this. The best formula to attract quality traffic to your blog is offering a different content, that provides information, that makes them think or entertain .