In his day in the post ” 6 ideas to inspire you before writing a post ” we saw different formulas to get ideas for writing a post. Today we are going to remember the most interesting ones and add some new ones. These are:

Google Analitycs. What are the items that work best? Observe in your web analytics what are the articles that most visits generate. Possibly 80% of your traffic comes exclusively from no more than 4 articles. And depending on them, write new articles that complement those posts.
SEO positioning. Do you need to push a keyword? If for SEO reasons you are interested in promoting a certain keyword, write different articles where you can work on that keyword from different approaches.
Response to the most frequent comments or doubts. If you participate regularly in forums in your sector, in addition to improving your personal brand , you will detect which are the topics that generate the most interest.
Ask your social networks. Your blog is designed for your community, and this is on your social networks. Ask them what issues they are worried about, what they want you to talk about or what topics they would like to know in more depth. The content on demand always works. They are waiting for you!
Form yourself. In any professional field it is very important that you are always aware of the news of your sector. Subscribe to similar blogs or trends, attend seminars, conferences, online courses, read books … Sure that all these new ideas come up for your blog.
Go for a walk with your dog. Many times the best ideas come when our mind is relaxed and we allow it to “think”. A walk with your dog, a shower in the early morning or a traffic jam are often exceptional sources of inspiration.