If you intend to get rich overnight, better dedicate yourself to something else. But it is true that with work, perseverance and more work you can earn a living as a professional blogger. The road is not easy. It’s very long, many years, and sacrificed, but I assure you it’s worth it. But how can you make money? Here I explain some formulas.

Advertising. Your blog, if you have visitors, is a good advertising platform, like any media. And the more you visit, the better. There are several formulas to earn money through advertising. One of them is Google Adsense , Google’s advertising platform, which allows you to insert third-party banners in your blog. Another formula is that, depending on your audience, establish different advertising formats (Banners, buttons, robapáginas …) and set the monthly rates for each.
Post sponsored A less invasive advertising format. It consists of publishing an article where you talk about a product of a certain brand in exchange for an economic or product remuneration. Both parties must obtain a benefit.
Own Products Many blogs create their own products ( online courses, templates, e-books … ). Premium content that, to be able to consult it, has to be purchased. Another type of product could be online counseling.
Customers. If your blog exposes your knowledge and experience, it is logical that many companies are interested in you and propose to collaborate with them or that you form part of their team.
Training. Positioning yourself as an expert, you will see how they begin to invite you to give talks, workshops, conferences … and once you start, they will call you from more places. The difficult is the first.
Membership. A good way to earn extra money is through affiliate networks. Many digital marketing tools offer this option. If a user registers in it through the link of the affiliate, he receives a percentage of the cost of acquisition of the same.