This blog is the fourth I write. The first three died shortly after. Why? Because they lacked strategy. They did not have a clear objective, nor did they address a specific audience and publish content of low value. And this one you’re reading was the result of an “enlightenment”. Yes, as you read it. I was attending a community manager course back in 2010. And I thought: “If I want to tell the world that they are CM, what better way than to create a blog and position it in the top positions of Google by” Community Manager Valencia “. Said and done. I bought a domain, I asked a co-worker to design me as I could a logo and I got down to work. I knew that before me I had a great challenge, but I was sure that I would achieve it.

On September 12, 2010 I published the first article . That day he only had two visits. Mine from my house and another mine from work. But I was willing to work. Every Sunday and every Thursday he published an article. All simple, of no more than 400 words, the optimal extension for SEO at those moments. And little by little the users began to arrive. Then the first emails requesting collaborations, budgets, invitations to impart training … Until four years later it gave rise to my digital marketing agency !